Human Joy... A Sport of Positive Emotion!

So says Albert Nerenberg  a corporate laughter consultant according to an article in The Toronto Star by Linda Barnard.  Laughing and smiling are known to stimulate endorphins, the so called 'happy drugs' which create feelings of well being.  Who hasn't had the experience of spontaneously laughing at a youngster with infectious giggles or along with an adult who goes into convulsions of laughter while trying to tell a joke.  Why are comedians always funnier when you are in the audience as compared to watching the video?  Could it be because we are laughing with the laughers more than at the comedy?

According to the article, it is possible to create the laughing effect.  That is, by perfecting the art of infectious laughter, one can elevate the mood of individuals and groups.  Albert Nerenberg apparently has made a career of it and will have recently competed at the Great Canadian Laughing Championships.  One hopes that this is more about spreading the mirth than winning the contest.  That said, I'm in favour of anything that stimulates 'happy drugs'.

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