Sleeping poorly?

It is regularly reported that people are sleep deprived in our fast paced world.  While there is much evidence of sleep apnea as a contributing factor there are many ways to explore this phenomenon.  Having the facts is a good way to start.  I have believed for some time that I have a sleeping problem, waking up several times in the night and having difficulty getting back to sleep with an overall perception that I hardly sleep a wink most nights.  The effect is that I carry this 'negative' energy with me constantly.  Another example of not measuring up, if you will, since it is known on the best medical authority that 8 hours of good sleep is required for optimal functioning.

I have been experimenting for several days now with an app called Sleep Time which purports to measure the amount of awake time, light sleep and REM (deep) sleep during the night.  The information that it provides, for me, does match up with my recollection of the night's experience and it is a much more sleep favourable result than my previous perception.  

From a happiness perspective, I am much more content with my sleeping and no longer use up precious energy fretting about lack of sleep.  The extra energy is available for more useful endeavours and I will keep experimenting with ways to enhance my sleeping experience. [Russell]