Getting Started - Part ll

Humans respond to incentives or payoffs.  Instant gratification is a biggie.  Research shows that the delay of instant gratification is important to success.  Don't be distracted, however about the importance and utility of instant gratification if employed strategically.  Regular exercise is a great example.  Why does one exercise?  To have an ideal physique as portrayed by marketing?  To live longer?  To feel good?  What is the payoff for an ideal physique?  Attracting a mate?  Stroking the ego? How compelling is living a few years longer when it is in the far distance and can be easily sabotaged by disease?

Do you feel good after exercise?  The universal response is affirmative.  This is instant gratification at its best!  If feeling good is the goal of exercise and you note the benefits of feeling good, rather than taking them for granted, exercise can become something that is a no-brainer.  Use the Happiness Journal to remind you to exercise and write about how you feel after exercising and the difference that this energy makes to your day.  You will look forward to getting started. [Russell]