Each day I begin My Happy Heart journal with two short phrases.  "I am happy; my thoughts create my reality."  At a previous time in my life the phrases were simply ideas that I knew about and had been told that saying them regularly would bring them about.  I guess I didn't practice enough because I didn't notice any change, especially on the happiness front.

Now when I write them, they are real.  On the happiness front, I have now recorded more than 4,000 gratefulness experiences, with over 400 meaningful experiences and have noticed the fun things in my life.  On a daily basis, I have been dipping into the vast resource of my subconscious mind and choosing the nice bits rather than the nasty bits.  The tide is turning so that I no longer default to choosing what can go wrong, but what can go right.  I clearly know by many written experiences that when I default to the negative, my day does not work as well as when I choose the positive.  This may seem obvious, and that is something else that is now clear - THE POWER OF THE OBVIOUS. [Russell]