What are you looking forward to?

I put this question to one of my clients early in the year.  He hesitated for a moment and then said 'more of the same'.  He then qualified his answer by saying 'I am happy with what I have'.  I responded immediately that it was the most powerful answer that I had heard to that question.  The ensuing conversation about his forward projects was quite inspiring.

When we are focused on what is lacking or wrong we are pushing a big load of negative energy which needs to be overcome before we can move forward.  It is small wonder that we have difficulty looking forward to anything because of the amount of energy it takes to accomplish our regular activities when we see them as burdensome.

Being aware of our negative thinking is the first step to eliminating it.  Try to catch yourself complaining about the weather, your commute, your job, your family.  Notice when others complain as a reminder just how much negative energy surrounds you and rather than adding to the negative chorus, stay out of the conversation by listening only or change it up by volunteering a neutral or positive comment. [Russell]