Rules to live by

We have an interesting relation with rules.  Rules provide the framework for civilized behaviour.  We quite often have different rules for ourselves than for others without even realizing it.  One that I find amusing is the notion of sharing wealth with others.  People on the left of the political spectrum point to those who are more wealthy than they are as candidates for sharing while simultaneously being against any increase in taxation on their income.  In other words "I am for sharing wealth as long as it is not mine".

The world is really getting good at making rules.  For those of us of a certain age, there was a time when seat belts did not exist and kids roamed free in cars.  The rules now dictate that baby car seats now have a shelf life and need to be replaced according to a schedule. One can analyze this phenomenon from many points of view.  The desireable social value is an increased awareness about safety however it is achieved.

We are very good at making rules for ourselves as well.  The rules can be either liberating or restricting and we have self-rules for just about everything.  As I get older I am very aware of the myriad of physical challenges as people age.  A story I came across this morning was of a person who slipped on the stairs and decided it was no longer safe to walk normally up and down stairs.  This resulted in an eventual reduction in mobility and a decision to avoid stairs and a downward spiral in physical well-being.  Our preoccupation with safety across the spectrum of ages and stages of life can be limiting whether from rules which are imposed from society or those we wittingly or unwittingly choose for ourselves.

A rule I write daily in my Happy Heart Journal is "My thoughts determine my reality".  It creates an awareness about the multitude of rules that I make up for my life. [Russell]