"If our standard of value is human life...

Alex Epstein in his book The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels makes the case that we have enough energy from fossil fuels and nuclear power to last for thousands and thousands of years. 

To me this is comforting in itself since I am not convinced, nor is he, that alternate sources such as solar and wind will ever do the job.  I can relax knowing that we have time to sort out our energy future while not sabotaging our good lives.  

He says it thusly, "If our standard of value is human life, the ultimate benefit that a commodity like fossil fuel energy can deliver is to contribute to the pursuit of happiness.  If we can only survive in a way that is miserable, why survive?  Happiness is the reward of life. And energy is a great enabler of happiness...like travelling to places that excite us.

Thus in every realm that affects our lives, we should expect to discover that more energy can play an amazingly positive role."  This is a very interesting way to think about energy as opposed to the conditioning by the climate experts and the media that energy from fossil fuels and nuclear power is bad.  I am truly happy that the book was recommended to me since it provides perspective for thoughtful people. [Russell]