Exploring the notion of Unhappiness

I thought I would explore the notion of unhappiness just for fun and was intrigued by the long list  of mistakes and habits that are claimed to be responsible. 

Some examples:  dwelling on things that cannot be changed; putting up with negative people and thoughts; a belief that life is hard; seeing your future through worry and fear. The list is endless and overwhelming.  

Small wonder that becoming happy may seem daunting.  It was exactly the complexity of what needed to be done to be happy that prompted me to look for a simpler solution.  That solution is to focus on physical and thought activities that are known to cause the production of endorphins, or happy drugs.  

I am close to 900 consecutive days of 30 minutes of exercise and 3 pages of writing about being grateful, what is meaningful in my life and what wins I plan for the day.  I do this first thing in the morning which sets up my day with an awareness and expectation of well being.  It works! [Russell]