Happiness Wisdom - Part ll

Life is a journey not a destination is an oft repeated saying.  The message underlying the phrase is that the journey is to be savoured since the final destination of life is, well, final.  In other words, life as we know it is over.  

The really interesting question is why we need to be reminded to enjoy life every minute of every day.  

Most of the answer lies in the fact that we are not paying attention to how good life is most of the time.  The few negative experiences outweigh the positive ones (this is a proven research result by the way) and we take the good stuff for granted so that it doesn't even register in any remarkable way.

When something bad happens to others, we are reminded as to how fortunate we are in comparison and we pledge to be more grateful, and then forget until...

Practice gratefulness daily in your Happy Journal.  You will never again forget.  The benefits are extraordinary! [Russell]