Turbulence of the Mind

When my mind is turbulent, it is not the effective tool that it is designed to be.  There is too much energy consumed by a multitude of thoughts which are not focused on an outcome and there is no space for input.  

I was driving to a workshop last week that I would be leading.  The Topic was The Innovation Life Cycle.  I was listening to Metro Morning, a favourite radio program, and connected to an interview with a woman who had invented a headband which measures brain activity and reports it via an app on a smart device.  Coincidentally, my mind was calm rather than consumed with rehearsal for the workshop and  I immediately realized that I would not have heard the program had this not been the case.  This was a big AHA in itself.  The device promises to help reduce mind turbulence by measuring it.  This makes total sense to me and I made a decision to check it out.

I have ordered the MUSE and will report my experience once it arrives. [Russell]