Happiness as an ideal

I have recently had the insight that I have had an idealized notion of happiness that I carried in my head.  It probably comes from watching children at play and reading about trying to access one's inner child.  I also know that ideals of whatever nature are not achievable.  This has previously set me up for being persistently unhappy.  Through my daily journaling I have noticed a multitude of things that make me feel good.  A beautiful morning sitting in my porch looking out over the lake;  watching good comedy on television; having a good meeting with a client of my business; doing 60 km/hour on my jet ski; enjoying strawberry shortcake; spending time with our grandson are all part of the repertoire I have now noticed, recorded and made part of my new notion of happiness.  There are many things said and written about happiness.  I don't recall ever noticing the simple fact that a collection of good experiences duly noted as being enjoyable could be so powerful. [Russell]