Daily Reminders

Why is it that we do not require a regular reminder to brush our teeth, to eat, to tie our shoes, to dress, to go to work, to watch television or to check our email.  On the other hand we may need to be regularly reminded to be grateful, to have fun, to make a point of complimenting others, to be confident and to be positive.  One might be tempted to say that eating, working and checking email is more important than being grateful, having fun and complimenting others.  This conclusion would be wrong since it is clear that all of the above are important to a satisfying and fulfilling life.  The payoffs are different.  If you don't go to work you don't get paid; if you don't eat you will be hungry and weak; if you don't check your email you will surely die!  The payoffs for being grateful are...?  To have fun are...?  Being positive are...?  Mostly feeling good about your life without having a powerful enough notion of just how critical your state of being is in everything that you do.  Writing in My Happy Heart Journal every day about gratitude, meaning, having fun and complimenting others will connect you with the payoffs so that they can be equally as powerful and consistent as eating and tying your shoes. [Russell]